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“Crown has a mix of startup & an established organization culture. Policies instituted in this organization truly empower people and provides a good work-life balance. It still maintains the charm of start-up culture with open-doors & easy to approach management team. Above all, what truly defines Crown is its performance-based culture.”… Ebenezer Thompson

“Being associated with Crown and being part of its growth journey is the most rewarding aspect of my job. At Crown you get to be the change agent rather than a mere spectator .I truly believe the “You are the master of your destiny “ and Crown enables you in that direction.”… Anna Marie

“Crown is a global company and provides so many different opportunities that you get to grow in all aspects of your career. The management team empowers you to take charge of your own growth within the company . It is exciting to be able to contribute to various divisions in Crown providing the global exposure and sensitivity to various cultures and people”. … Siva Kumar

“Crown as a company has a wonderful work culture, the openness across the board enables everyone to come forward with their ideas and opinions. As it is a growing organization it provides you a sense of excitement every day and opens the door to unlimited possibilities. The work environment allows the employees to balance their work and life along with providing them diversified opportunities”           
Mahesh Dhanawade

“Crown is a perfect example of a truly Global Org where people are given opportunity to work with Global teams, propose solutions, improve cross cultural interactions, Management Skills etc which helps an individual to grow not only technically but others facets of growth as well which is hard to get in the outside world”
…. Kannan Subramanian

“I can’t think of a better place to start my career and my learning curve has grown significantly in the few months that I’ve been here. It’s exciting to contribute and feel like an integral part of the company’s growth story”…. Jasneet Khanna

“Crown provides immense opportunities to learn by connecting people with decades of industry experience, creates avenues to innovate and consistently push the envelope of what can be achieved! Crown provides a platform for each employee to pick their own area of expertise to excel & has process in place to recognize/reward at all levels”……………. Lathika Niranjan